Choose A Better Option For Your Clothes- Washing Or Dry Cleaning

Choose A Better Option For Your Clothes- Washing Or Dry Cleaning

While doing laundry, we always wonder what is better for our clothes; Machine Wash or Dry Cleaning. If you are a working person, you would say that you hardly have time to spend with family, then doing laundry at that time is not your idea of spending your weekend.

It is easier to just drop in all your clothes in the machine with the detergent. But, if you do so will your clothes remain the same after a couple of washes? It would not. All the clothes that you wear are not machine washable.

So, if you are planning to do your laundry at home, take some time and see the tag sewn inside your clothes. They tell you all about the washing care that you need to take. These days most clothing manufacturers recommend dry cleaning for most of your clothes so that their customers can get the best output.

But can you wash “Dry Clean Only” clothes at home? For that, you need to know the fabric so that you can make a more informed decision. There are some fabrics like silk and wool that you should not wash at home as they might lose their texture, but then again the normal regular tops that you wear can be washed at home because those fabrics do not really need dry cleaning.

So, how do you choose which is best for your clothes?
Well, for that ask these questions to yourself if any of answer is ‘yes’ then you must book the services of laundry basket online.

• Is there any kind of spots or stains on your garment that you don’t know how to treat or remove?

• Is the garment you are looking at is made of acetate, triacetate, or rayon? Well, these fabrics can be washed at home in cold water, but there is a chance that they can shrink or become contorted in water.

• Is there any special kind of finish to your garment? For instance, stiff fabrics are given a stabilizing finish so that it helps them hold their shape and there is a chance that water can ruin that.

• Does your garment have any ornate that makes it difficult to iron? If yes, then in that case you must take it to a dry cleaner.

• Are you trying to wash a tailored garment like a coat or suit? You might say that the outside fabric is washable, but the interfacings that shape the shoulders might get ruined by water.

• If you are washing a garment that is lined, then it is possible that both the inner and outer fabric is washable? This is because different types of fabric have different shrinkage rates so it is possible that your outer fabric might shrink more than the inner fabric causing you trouble.

These are some points that you should consider before choosing which is a better option for your clothes.

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