A Few Tips For Taking Care Of Polyester & Nylon Clothing

A Few Tips For Taking Care Of Polyester & Nylon Clothing

These days, various types of fabrics are circling the markets but we always choose the clothes that would make us comfortable and which are easy to slip into. Well, that is the reason that synthetic clothing has gained such popularity as it is light weight and can be worn very easily. But when we talk of synthetic clothing there are many fabrics that come to mind but the two that tops the list are Polyester and Nylon.

But do you know how to care for such fabrics because they can be really tricky. You might say that they are easy wash at home kind of fabrics but still you need to take care so that they last long.

Nylon is a synthetic fabric which is made out of the most commonly used polymers in the world. It was first invented in the 1940’s. During this time nylon was just used to make toothbrushes and stockings. But, in the recent times it can be found on everything be it parachutes, lingerie or guitar strings. Well, something that we all know that Nylon fabric is extremely strong, lightweight, smooth as well as lustrous. The best thing is they are nonabsorbent and are wrinkle resistant.

But, when you are washing them here are some pointers to remember:

• You can easily go for machine-wash for sturdy nylon clothing but in warm water with an all-purpose detergent.
• If you are washing lingerie and hosiery, always go for hand wash using warm water and a light-duty detergent.
• You should also use fabric softener after the wash to reduce static electricity.
• While going for tumble-dry for nylon clothes, do so at a low-temperature setting.

Coming to Polyester fabrics, they are strong, resilient, wrinkle-resistant, colorfast, crisp, as well as holds pleats and creases quit well. But they attract and hold oil stains and can yellow with age. Polyester is usually used for clothing and filling garments and coats. We can also see some bed linens being made of polyester blends. But it is always safe to send Polyester for dry-cleaningand it is not a trouble anymore with the coming of online dry cleaning. But in case you wash it at home here are some tips:

• While washing turn polyester-knit garments inside out to prevent from snags.
• You must always machine-wash polyester in warm water with all-purpose detergent. You can use chlorine bleach if necessary. But do not forget to use fabric softener to reduce static electricity.
• While going to tumble-dry, do so at low-temperature setting. Remember not to overly dry polyester that can cause gradual shrinkage.
• While pressing polyester fabrics, do so at a moderate temperature setting.

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