Make Your Shoe Cleaning Smooth And Effortless

Make Your Shoe Cleaning Smooth And Effortless

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Shoes maketh the man, ‘tis said – Life’s Too Short for Bad Shoes!

It’s actually true that some women look at a man’s shoes before looking at him. Dirty Shoes, Torn Shoes, Muddy Ones They are a real turn off, aren’t they

There’s a vast range of shoes available in the market. Taking care of them is tedious and yes, most of us are quite lazy to do it!

“Wear shoes to make them last”. Sounds ironic, right? After buying a pair of shoes, don’t be niggardly about wearing them. If you don’t then you cannot change them and always remember you need to change your shoes as often as you can; as it will keep the fabric breathing and free from cracking.

Wear it, but do clean it! Shoe cleaning is thus very important to the life of your shoe. We invest a lot on expensive shoes, it is important that we take good care of them too. Here’s how to make your shoe cleaning smooth and effortless.

Dust Them After Every Wear:

After returning home, always wipe the dust, grime, and grease off your shoes. If your shoes got wet, make sure you stand them up against the wall and let the moisture dry off. Then, wipe them clean.

Check the Soles at Intervals:

Every now and thenclean the soles of your shoes with a moist cloth and also check for cracks at regular intervals.
Polish your leather shoes regularly. Our moms asked us to polish our shoes regularly or at least weekly.Well, they knew the trick, always! It’s a good idea as it would not let dust and dirt to accumulate on them.

Shoes with Canvas Uppers:

For the shoes that have canvas uppers, you must always first brush off the dust and only then gently wipe off the remaining dust with a damp cloth.

Use Correct Cleaning Equipment:

If you have leather shoes of various colours, you must stock up that many brushes – one for each colour. This would not let one colour mix with the other and spoil the colour of your shoe. If that gets difficult you can always hire a laundry service that has all the equipment and cleans itprofessionally.

Just follow the above steps can keep your shoes shining for every day of the week without putting in much effort.

And yes, Keep Walking! Err…. Keep Running!


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