Top 5 Eco-Friendly Tips of Cleaning Your Home

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Tips of Cleaning Your Home

So, you want to clean your house but not harm the environment in the process, as harming the environment might turn out hazardous for you in the future.

Cleaning does not mean you have to use chemical products as our kitchens have a lot of stuffs that can help us in cleaning the house and are also eco-friendly in nature.

Here are some tips for the same:


Lemons – Lemons are nature’s best cleaning product. They have very powerful anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties and are also a natural de-odorizer because of its high acidic content. If you want to return all those antique copper nobs or utensils to their former glory, then just dip a half lemon in baking powder or salt and scour them to return them their shine. Plastic containers generally get a lot of stains, so to clean them you can mix lemon juice with baking soda.

Baking Soda –Baking soda, just like lemon, is another one of nature’s best cleaners. Also called sodium bi-carbonate, this is an alkaline substance that functions as a gentle abrasive and de-odorant. You can make a thick paste of baking soda and water and use it to remove surface rust. And you can make a liquid mixture of baking soda and water which is effective as an all-purpose light cleaner but it is particularly effective on grease.

Cleaning The Oven–Cleaning your oven can really get daunting at times, mainly when you have a lot to cleaning, then spending hours over an oven may not be a wise decision. So why not make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the bottom of the oven to clean it. Let it sit for a couple of hours or maybe overnight before you scrap it off and wipe the surface clean.

Clean Your Clothes Safely – During the rainy season, the clothes get an unpleasant odor that cannot be hidden even by perfume. So, why not clean all those clothes safely. Baking soda is a winner even in your laundry room. You can add a little in the washing machine while washing clothes it will soften your cloths and also remove any unpleasant odor.

White Vinegar – White vinegar is a weak acetic acid which is used in almost all aspects of cleaning because of its strong antibacterial properties. Are you tired of spraying room freshener when you have cooked fish or garlic in the kitchen? Well, white vinegar can help you out. Just simmer white vinegar with water and then you can feel the difference yourself.

These were some of the tips that can help you clean your house. But if doing laundry is your problem then why not opt for Online Laundry Services such as The Laundry Basket. It will help you get rid of your laundry woes in a jiffy. After all, we all know doing that laundry is one of the most boring chores.

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